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Joint-stock commercial People’s bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

3, Amir Temur avenue, Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 120-1700
The website: www.xb.uz
E-mail info@xb.uz





The Republic of Karakalpakstan

230100, Nukusstr. Garezsizlik, 74-a

(0-361) 780-00-21, 224-04-17

Andijan region

170100, Andijan, street Oltinkul, 3

(0-374) 222-16-54, 260-56-50, 222-16-52

Bukhara region

705000, Bukhara, st. M. IKBOL, 8

(0-365) 223-90-02, 223-82-74, 223-85-94

Jizzakh region

130100, Jizzakh., Djizzak, st. Rashidov, 53

(0-372) 771-61-72, 222-30-52

Kashkadarya region

730012, Karshi, st. Amir Temur, 44

(0-375) 771-04-98, 771-04-92

Navoi region

210600, Navoi region., District Karman street. K. Karshieva, 90

(0-436) 532-01-89, 532-01-80, 770-34-59, 770-34-60

Namangan region

716036, Namangan region., Namangan, st. Lutfiy, 5

(0-369) 226-30-72, 226-35-09, 223-02-86

Samarkand region

140134, Samarkand, st. Navoi Schoch, 25

(0-366) 210-08-93, 210-08-96

Surkhandarya region

190100, Termez, st. Koshy, Building 2-a

(0-376) 222-76-15, 770-84-32

Syrdarya region

707000, Syrdarya region., Gulistan, st. A. Yassaviy, 12

(0-367) 221-04-00, 221-03-99, 221-12-60

Tashkent region

100180, Tashkent, Chuponota street, 70

(0-370) 173-95-02, 278-97-90, 150-15-57

Ferghana region

151100, Fergana, Mustakillik Street, Building 33

(0-373) 224-32-03, 224-57-59, 224-92-12, 224-04-27

Khorezm region

220100, Khorezm region., Urgench, st. Tinchlik, 2

(0-362) 226-57-14

Tashkent city

100011, Tashkent, district Shayhantaur, C-14, 19

244-36-96, 245-35-44, 244-41-24

Functions Duties

  • attraction and accumulation of temporarily free funds

  • mediation in lending

  • mediation in the calculations and payments

  • the creation of credit money

  • ensuring the proper functioning of the pension system

  • opening and maintenance of accounts of individuals and legal entities, including correspondent banks, payment of bills;

  • attracting deposits;

  • Provide on condition of repayment and maturity of loans in its own name with its own and borrowed funds;

  • management of funds under a contract with the owner or manager of funds;

  • Purchase from businesses and individuals and selling them to foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms;

  • collection of checks, payment and settlement documents;

  • collection of cash, including the collection of cash customers through its own collection service;

  • issuing guarantees on behalf of third parties providing the fulfillment of obligations;

  • Acquisition of rights to the fulfillment of obligations by third parties;

  • issue, purchase, sale, registration and custody of securities, securities management contract with the client, performing other operations with securities;

  • the provision of banking advisory and information services;

  • lease of individuals and legal entities or special facilities located therein for storing documents and other valuables;

  • Financial leasing;

  • other operations in accordance with international banking practices, specifically stipulated in the license;





Abdullaev Abdurasul Nematovich

Chairman of the Board



Rakhmonov Tokhirjon Ziyatovich

Acting first Deputy Chairman of the Board



Abbosov Nizomiddin Ravshanovich

Acting Deputy Chairman of the Board Daily 08:00-11:00

Polvonov G‘ulomjon Namonjonovich

Acting Deputy Chairman of the Board



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