Press and Information Agency of Uzbekistan

30, Navoiy str., Tashkent, 100129, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 244-1454
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The Republic of Karakalpakstan

Nukus, 742000, st. Karakalpakstan, 9

+998 (61) 222-8548

Andijan region

Andijan, 710000, st. Pushkin, 27

+998 (74) 222-1885

Bukhara region

Bukhara, 705016, st. I. Muminova, 27

+998 (65) 223-2576

Jizzakh region

Djizzak, 708000, st. Narimanova, 4

+998 (72) 226-4649

Kashkadarya region

Karshi, 730018, Mustakillik Avenue, 22

+998 (75) 227-6805

Navoi region

Navoi, 706800, st. Amir Temur, 4

+998 (36) 223-9386

Namangan region

Namangan, 716008, st. Navoi, 36

+998 (69) 226-4210

Samarkand region

Samarkand, 703000, st. Tursunov, d.82

+998 (66) 233-1494

Surkhandarya region

Termiz city, 732000, st. F. Hodzhaeva, 30

+998 (76) 223-5442

Syrdarya region

Gulistan, 707000, Navoi avenue, 5

+998 (67) 225-4665

Tashkent region

, Tashkent, 700129, st. Navoi, 30

+998 (71) 144-4208

Ferghana region

Ferghana, 712014, st. Sahibkirona Temir, 28

+998 (73) 226-2577

Khorezm region

Urgench, 740000, st. A. Herman, 16

+998 (62) 226-1755

Tashkent city

Str. Alisher Navoi, 30

+998 (71) 244-3287

Functions Duties

carries out registration of persons engaged in printing and media;

serves as a working member of the Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the licensing of publishing;

organizes the monitoring of compliance with publishers, the media, TV, radio and other actors in the information market of the country of the current legislation in the field of information;

monitors compliance with legislation, conditions of registration and licensing, as in the case of a systematic failure by the media and publishers of the current legislation - in the prescribed manner suspend and terminate the action of registration certificates and licenses;

develops and implements activities in the field of development, reconstruction, operation, standardization, certification and technical base, technical, and other regulations and standards.

  • monitoring the unconditional observance of the constitutional rights of the media to carry out independent activities and related legislation, guarantees freedom of speech and the press;

  • To assist the broader development of the media, publishing and printing industry in order to best meet the needs of the citizens of the republic to obtain information, enhance the educational, moral and cultural level of education of the population, especially the younger generation in the spirit of the idea of national independence;

  • implementation of the state policy in the field of publishing and printing, media, distribution of periodicals, including the implementation of state registration of the above activities;

  • monitoring compliance with publishers, the media, television, radio and other actors in the information market of the country of the current legislation in the field of information;

  • The organization of licensing of publishing.

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Yunusov Amanullo Khamidullayevich Director



Mansurov Komil Takhirovich Deputy director Thursday


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