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Department of Licensing and coordination of all types of passenger transport khokimiyat Tashkent city

100000, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Amir Temur street, one passage, 6.

Phone number: +99871233-34-87
The website: www.deptrans.uz
E-mail info@deptrans.uz
Functions Duties


• coordinates the activities of all types of passenger transport in Tashkent;

• Performs as a single customer of the urban passenger transport, on the basis of the market research determines the required number of passenger buses and minibuses routes with access to the main junction passenger flows in close coordination with the optimum number of route and taxi cabs, as well as routes of urban electric transport and underground, claims routes in the prescribed manner;

• Is responsible for licensing of carriage of passengers by motor transport in Tashkent;

• organizes and carries open tenders for occupancy routes of urban passenger transport, concludes contracts with the winners of tenders to provide services for the carriage of passengers on public transport route;

• controls on the line to ensure compliance with the rules of the carriers transport of passengers;

• according to the proposal of the Association "Toshshahartranshizmat" adjusts the passengers transportation plan to the transport organizations;

• organizes the development of integrated development programs of passenger transport in Tashkent and supervises their implementation;

• creates a single database of information on standards, rules, forms and methods of regulating the activities of urban transportation in accordance with international standards;

• together with the Municipality of Tashkent generates fares on public transport in agreement with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Committee of Uzbekistan on privatization, de-monopolization and Competition Development, develops and approves the common forms of the tickets, cards for all kinds of ground passenger transport (except taxis), as well as documents entitling travel privileges to certain categories of citizens in buses, trams, trolley buses and underground, agrees the number and types of travel cards, as well as lists of companies - distributors travel cards

• organizes the implementation of an automated control system for urban passenger transportation in order to ensure the coordination and rhythmic functioning of transport, as well as monitoring compliance with carriers of traffic on routes;

• provides methodological and consultative assistance to carriers in developing feasibility studies of projects to update the fleet of rolling stock, in the implementation of planned return calculations of vehicles taking to the account maximum of their active use in regulatory amortization period of service;

• arranges the collection and compilation the carriers reports according to the established forms, analyzes the performance of operational and financial activities of carriers, their performance of contractual obligations, submits necessary reports to Uzbek Agency for Automobile and River Transport and the Municipality of Tashkent.


• Traffic coordination of all types of transport, regulation and optimization of the route network and observing functions of the customer for urban passenger transport, with the right to issue licenses and organize transport routes strictly on a tender basis;

• creating the competitive environment and equal conditions for all carriers, including private ones, to access the transport services market, evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the public transport;

Making financial authorities agreed with the proposals to the municipality of Tashkent in order to establish maximum tariffs on passenger bus and urban electric transport, overseeing their implementation;

• implementation of an automated managing system for passenger traffic in Tashkent, including automation of accounting systems fare at ground passenger transport routes and control of urban passenger transport.

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