Description of the service

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan have the right to appeal to the state authorities, statements, proposals and complaints.

Sphere of the service


Category of the service recipient

Individuals and legal persons.

The organization


All the public and economic governance bodies, the Local authorities.

Documents required to get the service

Application must consists of the statement, which shall be specified name (name), information about the place of residence of the citizen, are set forth statements, suggestions or complaints.

Legal basis for service provision

Lawof the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the appeals of individuals and legal entities"

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 181 of August 23, 2007 "On measures for further improvement of cooperation between government and economic management of state authority with legal entities and individuals using information and communication technologies"

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge.

Period of dealing with an application

Citizens' proposals are considered within one month from the date of receipt , except for those proposals that require further study , as reported by the person who has made an offer within ten days . Petition or complaint shall be considered within one month from the day of receipt by the public authority , which is required to resolve the issue on the merits , and not requiring further investigation and verification - not later than fifteen days. In cases where the consideration for a petition or complaint must perform the verification, obtaining additional materials or other measures , the timing of the application or complaint may be an exception extended by the head of the relevant public authority , but not more than one month from the notification of the person who has filed a statement or complaint.

Methods for obtaining results

Citizens are entitled to apply for the offer and complaint personally, and to authorize it or send a representative to appeal by means of communication. In the interests of minors and incapacitated persons statement, suggestions and complaints may be filed by their representatives in accordance with the legislation.

Result of the service

The official answer of the public agencies, signed by the authorized officer of the public agency.

Reasons for refusal

Applications, which are not specified name (name), information about the place of residence of a citizen or are false information about him are considered anonymous and will not be considered.

Order of appeal

Unjustified refusal to accept and review complaints of citizens , the violation without justifiable reasons deadlines for their consideration , the adoption decision contrary to the law , the failure to restore the violated rights of the citizen and execution adopted in connection with the appeal decision , unreasonable refusal to grant citizens the opportunity to read the documents , decisions and other materials affecting their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests , or disclosure of information about the private lives of citizens without their consent , persecution of citizens with regard to its treatment as well as other violations of the law on citizens' punishable under the law.

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